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The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is located on 380 acres of land on the banks of Lake Wylie. There are gardens for every season giving visitors and the people of Charlotte a chance to reconnect with nature all year round. At the garden, visitors get to enjoy the outdoors in a special way.

The history of Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden starts in 1991 when retired textile executive Daniel Jonathan Stowe bestowed almost 400 acres of prime rolling land with meadows, woodland and lakefront property to starting the botanical garden.

The master plan for the garden was approved in 1994 by the board of Directors which would take place over the next 50 years.

In 1999, the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden opened to the public with the Visitor pavilion, formal display gardens and the perennial gardens already complete. The white garden was completed in 2003 and the Orchid Conservatory was opened in 2008.

Over the next several decades, the gardens are supposed to see a lot of development supported through public and private support. Future developments include; Education center, children’s garden, learning garden, conservatory complex, restaurant, Asian gardens, woodland cascade, tropical house, specialty gardens, English walled garden and so many other developments.
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The Orchid Conservatory

This is the only glass house in the Carolinas. It covers 8000 square feet of space all of which is dedicated to display of orchids and tropical plants.

The Gardens

There are several gardens for visitors to explore including;

The Four Seasons Garden – this garden gives the visitors a spectacle of different colors, shapes and textures the whole year round.

The Cottage Garden – this is a showcase of heirloom plants that were popular in the 19thand 20thcentury. It takes you back to grandma’s house with those sweet scents you experienced when you visited them.

The Crave Myrtle Grove – this is the ideal place for visitors to rest under the shade.

The Canal Garden – this garden has a water feature as long as a football field with fountains at both ends. It is a relaxing garden with new colors every season.

Lost Hollow: The Kimberley’s Children Garden – This was constructed in 2014, and is where children start their adventure in the garden.

The Allee Garden – this garden features the tunnel fountain which is one of the most exciting features for children.

Other gardens include; The Ribbon Garden, Scroll Garden, Serpentine Garden, The Conifer and The Encore Azaela amongst others.


The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is available for rentals for events such as weddings, bridal parties, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, birthday bashes, portrait sessions and so much more. The beautiful gardens provide the ambience for memorable events every time.

Catering for events held at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is offered by Best Impressions Caterers, a renowned and highly sought after catering business in Charlotte.


The Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens also hosts a variety of scheduled events including spring family photos, annual plant sale, tea parties and continuing education events.

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