Have you spotted a scratch or dent in your car when you returned to the parking lot? Whether it’s caused by a rogue shopping cart or a free-swinging car door from the one next to you, it’s not good to ignore it!

The Risk of Ignoring Damages

There are many important reasons why you should not ignore the scratches and dents in your car. For one, if you are going to put your vehicle up for sale, these dents and scratches can reduce the value of your car. But if you submit it in a full-body repair service first, buyers will surely consider the damage and there are still high chances that you’ll get the right value for your vehicle. Secondly, corrosion can take place in unattended dents and scratches. If not given immediate attention, these parts of the vehicle will begin to rust, reducing its safety and value. Depending on the level of exposure to elements, rusting can accelerate without you knowing it.

If you are planning to keep your car for longer, keeping it in the best possible shape is vital. This is why you need to address dent issues at the soonest possible time.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair (PDR), or paintless dent removal, is the most cost-effective treatment to small dents and body damages on your vehicle. Whether it’s for aluminum or steel body panels, PDR is the quickest and most economically friendly solution for your car’s body repair. The main advantage of this technique is that it can restore your vehicle’s pre-damaged look without compromising its original painted finish.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Works?

Special tools and expert skills are needed to proceed with a paintless dent repair service. Since each vehicle dent differs, body shop technicians also try different strategies and tools of the trade to get the job done. When you call Piedmont Paintless Dent Repair, these are the things you can expect for your car’s paintless body repair service:

Assess the Damage. Like any other repair service, it is important to assess where the dent is, how big the damage is, and how we can fix it. Once we’ve evaluated the damage and come up with a repair strategy, we’ll prepare the damaged area for the process.

Gain Access to the Dent. To completely solve the damages, our expert dent repair procedure will start by gaining entry to the back side of the dent. This happens by carefully removing the body panels, taillights, and interior panels (if needed). After gaining access to the damages, our technicians will start doing their expertise and bring your car to its original display.

Work Out the Dents. We use special tools to carefully bring the parts to their original position. Slow and continuous pressure is required to both sides of the damaged area to fix the dent completely and prevent overcorrection.

Limits of Paintless Dent Repair Services

While 70% to 80% of dents and scratches can be fixed by PDR, there are still instances that it won’t be the best choice for your damaged vehicle. For instance, if the damages of your car are too severe, that you can notice them from a distance, you should look for alternative measures. Paintless dent repair will not work for dents that are wider than your balled-up fist or deeper than a half-inch. Using PDR on too large of dents will only stretch the metal and make the situation even worse. Usually, collisions with wildlife cause too much damage in cars and paintless dent repair is not a suitable solution for them.

At Piedmont Dent Repair, we make sure to assess your situation properly to guarantee that the damage is not outside the scope of what PDR can do. Assuming the dent qualifies, rest assured that your car is in good hands and it will be hard for you to tell where the dents are after the process is complete.

Looking for Paintless Dent Repair in Charlotte, NC?

There are a lot of auto shops that offer paintless dent repair in Charlotte, NC but not all of them provide reliable services worthy of your trust and money. So before jumping to a real decision, be sure to do your homework. If you are in Charlotte, NC and nearby communities, Piedmont Paintless Dent Repair is your go-to company for high-quality paintless dent repair services. The fine art of removing dents, dings, creases and other types of damage without adding bondo or extra paint is the expertise of our highly skilled craftsmen.

Have more questions or need to schedule a mobile dent repair service? Talk to our experts today!