Paintless dent repair is a fantastic way to reduce your costs on bodywork while still getting excellent results.

Piedmont Dent Repair specializes in this type of service. Our staff members offer affordable mobile dent repair in Indian Trail, NC. We will come out to your location to provide a quote and repairs on the spot. With our paintless dent removal service, we ensure that you get reasonable costs on dent removal that won’t tie up your vehicle.

Indian Trail Dent Repair

Most people avoid traditional bodywork because it often involves their car going into a repair shop for several hours or even several days. With paintless dent repair, the entire fix could happen in your driveway just a few minutes after you receive a quote for the services.

Because the process can be completed so quickly, you could have a professional on site for hail dent removal and fixing up a number of small finish issues before they become a serious detriment to the look of your vehicle. These items can be corrected quickly and without any need for intervention from insurance. A paintless dent repair is a very affordable solution that will preserve the look and integrity of your vehicle.

While not every dent will be available for repair using this method, if the majority of the finish still exists around the dent area, this is the preferred method for mobile dent repair in the area.

We stand behind our work as dent repair specialists. When you search online for “mobile dent repair near me” in Indian Trail NC and seek out our company, it’s important to remember that the services we offer are completely guaranteed. We stand behind the work that we do and work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

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If you are unsatisfied and would like us to reattempt our mobile dent removal, we can do so free of charge.

About Indian Trail, NC

Indian Trail is a suburban town located in Union County. It was founded in 1861 and incorporated as a town in Union County in 1907. The town is so called because it was on the path used by Waxhaw Indians to get from Petersburg, Virginia to their settlements and gold mining areas. The first settlers hit the area in the 1750s.

The first post office was established in the area in 1861 and Cyrus Stevens was appointed its first post master. Before incorporation, Indian trail had established itself as a big farming community. The seaboard railroad passed through the area in 1874 and contributed significantly to prosperity of the area.

Indian Trail has seen explosive population growth in the 21stcentury with the population in 2010 being 33,518 up from only 1,942 in 1990. Currently the population of Indian Trail is estimated to be about 38,980. Indian Trail has a total land space of 22.1 square miles.

Indian Trail is home to Radiator Specialty Company (RSC) Chemical solutions which is the second largest producer of ancillary radiator products in the US and Canada. The company was started in 1924 and currently employs over 250 people.

The attractions in Indian Trail include; Andrew Jackson State Park, Mint Museum of Art, Latta Plantation, Historic Rosedale Plantation, President James K Polk State Historic Site, Old Settler’s Cemetery, Battle of Charlotte Historical Marker and many others in and around the town. The town is also home to several churches including Bethel Church and Midway Park Church.

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