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For most people a car is a priced investment that you want to have in pristine condition for as long as possible. However problems like dents and dings on your car can really accelerate the loss of value on your investment. If you have noticed dings and dents on your car from whatever cause then it is time to call on Piedmont Dent Repair. We are a renowned paintless dent removal expert in NoDa.

The original factory painting on most vehicles is flexible and therefore it allows for dents and dings to be repaired without the need for repainting, depending on the depth and location of the damage. Paintless dent removal is ideal for all types of dents where the panel has not been stretched beyond limit and therefore the paint is not cracked or removed.

With decades of industry experience, the technicians at Piedmont Dent Repair represent the pinnacle of professionalism when it comes to paintless dent removal. We understand that when a customer hands us the key to their vehicle, they are also giving us their trust and therefore we go above and beyond not to disappoint.

We do not take our job lightly and everything our technicians do is done with professionalism and keen attention to detail. To this end therefore we are happy to give our clients a lifetime warranty on our paintless dent removal services.

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We use paintless hail damage repair to correct hail damage on vehicles. We use this technique when repairing indentations and strikes that have not stripped paint from the vehicle. Usually this is what happens most of the time. After a hail storm you will find your vehicle with many small indentations that have not stripped the paint of the vehicle or scratched it.

When this is the case then our paintless hail damage repair becomes effective at removing dents without the need to paint. We find access to the inner side of the panel and using specialized tools we massage the panel slowly applying required pressure to remove the dent.

This process continues until all of the dents on your car have been removed even if it was hundreds of them. Further, we use reflection technology where we shine light on the area affected to identify whether the dent has been removed to the required level using shadows.

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Mobile dent removal is a great service when you really need dent removal for your car but do not want to go through the inconveniences of hiring cars to get you to work or even driving your car to our repair shop.

At Piedmont Dent Repair we offer hassle free and convenient mobile dent removal services where we come to you and work from wherever you are. To get our mobile dent removal services you just have to call our work phone and we will respond ASAP.

We can reach you regardless of where you are in NoDa and our services will not cost more when we come to you. Even with our mobile dent removal services you are still assured of the same high quality our customers in the region have come to expect of us.

We come to you fully prepared to offer our services and with everything required to do it right. Our process is simple and we work on your schedule not ours.

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Vehicle technology is always evolving and at Piedmont Dent Repair we provide ongoing training for our technicians through I-CAR to ensure that they are a step ahead of your paintless dent repair needs. Whether you have a new car model or an old one, our technicians have the expertise to work on your vehicle and restore it to pre-accident conditions.

We are not only focused on giving you service that exceeds your expectations we also put our customers first and our team is always focused on creating a better experience for you. we provide free honest and accurate estimates for paintless dent repair services.

Further, once your vehicle is in our hands, our service advisors will keep in touch with you regularly informing you on the progress so far. However, at Piedmont Dent Repair we have the expertise and tools to work quickly and that is what we do.

We understand that in this industry trust is earned one vehicle at a time which is why we are always committed to offer the most exceptional service each time. our workmanship at Piedmont Dent Repair is backed by a lifetime warranty for you.




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