Auto Dent Repair in Weddington, NC

Do you need to get back behind the wheel quickly after your vehicle has experienced minor damage due to hail or collision?

Working with an experienced body shop in Weddington, NC is one of the best ways to get a quick repair at a reasonable cost. A mobile dent repair is something that’s completely available to you in Weddington. Our staff at Piedmont Dent Repair can assess the nature of your damage and then provide you with an instant quote that you can use to get your vehicle back on the road.

Mobile Auto Dent Repair

If you have used other types of auto body repair services in the past, you may be dreading the idea that panels will have to be removed from your vehicle and it might have to be resprayed with paint. With our mobile paintless dent removal service, we can perform the work at a location of your choice and will preserve your existing finishes so the value of your vehicle does not depreciate. We come out and assess the look of your dent and then provide you with a reasonable quote for removal.

Hail Auto Dent Repair

This is the perfect service for hail damage, immediate repair after your car’s been struck in a parking lot, and more. We can perform the assessment in your driveway and then provide a mobile service at your convenience.

To seek us out, look for “mobile dent repair near me” in Weddington, NC. Our staff is standing by and ready to receive your call for a quote.

Paintless dent removal can work on the vast majority of small dents but some of the larger ones could require advanced bodywork. To find out if your car is a good candidate for this technique, contact our staff today for more information. We can schedule an appointment Weddington, North Carolina immediately. With our modern paintless dent removal services we’ll make sure you get back on the road in a timely manner.

Weddington, NC – More Info

Weddington is a city in Union County, North Carolina. Weddington city was founded by Reuben Boswell who served in the Revolutionary War. After the war he moved to Mecklenburg County. In 1824, Reuben donated 4 acres of land for the Sandy ridge Methodist Episcopal Church. 22 local farmers donated $262 to build the church and Weddington city was born.

Reuben Bowell’s Daughter married a man named Weddington and in 1826 they had a son named Reuben Bowell Weddington. By 1890, Reuben B. Weddington was now a prominent citizen of the area and he helped in building a new church on the land that his grandfather had donated while giving generously to the school operated by the church. The church was renamed from Sandy Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church to Weddington Methodist Church and it Is how the town acquired its name.

Weddington was not incorporated as a city until 1983 because the natives were proud of their rural atmosphere and wanted to ensure that the things that made weddington unique were preserved for the future. It wasn’t until there were rumors of possible annexation of weddington to the city of Charlotte that local residents took to action and a house bill was introduced by Joe Hudson to incorporate The Town of Weddington in Union County.

The town occupies 15.8 square miles and currently has a population of approximately 10,773 people. Some of the attractions in Weddington include; Hunter Farm, Waxhaw Ghost Tour, Dogwood Park, Four Mile Creek Greenway, Carolina Thread Trail and The Big Rock Shelter.


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