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Located in Gaston County in North Carolina, Crowder’s Mountain State Park sits on over 5,000 acres of land near Kings Mountain. With a lake and two peaks – Pinnacle to the west and Crowder’s to the east, The Crowder’s Mountain State Park is a highly sought after getaway for outdoor lovers.

The park has a rich history dating back to 1970 when locals decided to preserve Crowder’s Mountain that was being threatened by mining. Land acquisition started in 1971 after funds were raised and the park opened its doors to the public in 1974.

The summit of Crowder’s Mountain was included in the park’s boundaries in 1978, with 2000 acres being acquired in the year 2000.

If you want to partake in hiking trails, camping, rock climbing (with a permit) and other outdoor activities just 45 minutes’ drive from uptown then Crowder’s Mountain State Park is the place you need to be.

Things to do at Crowder’s Mountain State Park

Hiking – the diversity and beauty of nature at Crowder’s Mountain State Park can only be experienced through hiking the different trails. There are eleven different trails that will challenge even experienced hikers. There are trails leading to Pinnacle and Crowder’s Mountain peaks. The Ridgeline Trail links Kings Mountain State Park and Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina.

Other hiking trails in the park include; Backside trail, Family Camping Trail, Fern Trail, Group Camping Trail, Lake Trail, Rocktop Trail, Tower Trail, and Turnback Trail. Through hiking these different trails you will experience a lot of diversity from blooming wildflowers, aquatic plants and animals to birds.

Camping – another activity you can enjoy at the Crowder’s Mountain State Park is camping. You can backpack camping on your own in secluded camping grounds or enjoy group camping in the backcountry group camping area. Both of the camping sites are accessible by trail. A family campsite has a grill, picnic table, and two tent pads.

For group camping, each site as three picnic tables and a fire ring with grill. Drinking water and toilet vaults are also provided for campers.

Paddling and Fishing – the park has a beautiful seven acre manmade lake near to the campsites. The lake is great for paddling and fishing. You can launch your own personal canoe or kayak in the lake or try your luck at one of the fishing piers. The lake has largemouth bass and sunfish for you to enjoy catching.

Bouldering – if you are adventurous enough then you can try climbing the boulders located one mile from the Boulder Access Area. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing done without any ropes, anchors or harnesses. Some sections of the bouldering area might be closed during certain times of the year and a permit is required for you to be allowed.

Rock Climbing – experienced climbers are allowed to climb Crowder’s Mountain at designated areas only. Use of Pitons, bolts and other devices that can deface the cliffs are not allowed.

Picnicking – there is a large picnic area with 10 tables with a grill at each table. There are two large shelters for group picnics also.

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature and a 25 mile view of the surrounding piedmont, Crowder’s Mountain State Park also offers so many educational opportunities for people of all ages through their events and educational programs.

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