Some may not understand, but for us, a dented car lessens our car’s marketable value, appearance, and even ability to withstand for a longer time. This is why Piedmont Dent Repair has been delivering car dent repair services over the years to ensure safety and precaution to car owners. Today’s blog will tell us how to choose the best method to remove car door dents in the fastest, budget-friendly, and most efficient way. 

What are the Different Types of Dents?

Dents result from crashing, slamming, or hitting a heavy or oversized material. Most of the time, car door dents are due to various instances in which accidents happen. The extent of the car door repair services will also depend on the size or scale of the dented area. 

Here are the different types of car door dents you must be aware of. 

  • Round Dents – this type of dent is the most common and accessible dent to repair. This is caused by a direct impact of a round object or debris. Typical causes of car door round dents are an accidental ball hit or a rock was thrown at a distance. 
  • Dings – this type of dent is not that severe compared to round dents. These often result from an impact from a shopping cart and slamming an object against the car door. 
  • Sharp Dents – These are often formed after a car accident or a massive impact on the car door, creating sharper and steeper dents. 
  • Multi-point Dents – This type of dent is also a result of a car accident. Dents can be formed with multiple dents. This is quite complex and difficult to repair compared to the other types of dents. 

What is the Best Way To Remove a Dent from a Car Door?

Many professional car dent repair services use various methods and strategies to fix a dented area. Of course, the repair process will depend on what type of dent has been formed and how large the repair area would be. 

Here are two ways to remove a dent from a car door. One method is through professional dent repair, and one is through DIY plans using a tooling kit. 

Paintless Dent Repair 

If your car door structure is made from metal and alloy body panels, this repair method can be a good starting point. Dings and dents on your car door can be easily fixed as long as it is commonly made of metal, aluminum, or alloy panels. However, it must not be too damaged to repair successfully. 

PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, has four repair stages. These are the following:

  • Assessing and Examination – this is the first step in paintless dent repair. First, the dents are examined thoroughly to know the damage area’s extent or severity. The expert mechanic will also check if the dented area can be fixed through paintless dent repair or not. 
  • Locating and Obtaining Dents – this is the process where the car door structure, panels, and exterior cover are opened to access the dented area fully. This may entail additional expenses, but it is a requirement to be able to fix the dent. 
  • Complete Examination of the Dent – this includes using tools and equipment to examine the dented area thoroughly. Expert mechanics often use magnifying lenses, mirrors, and lighting devices. The process will also have an inspection on both sides of the dented area. 
  • Restoration Process – this is where the dented area will be massaged or restored. Through specialized equipment, the paintless dent restoration method is done by putting pressure on the dented area. 

Dent Repair Kit Methods 

If you are unsure of getting a professional to repair the dented area on your car door, you can always try this Do-It-Yourself method. A dent repair kit can be used to improve the minimal dented area. This is a bridge type-tool kit with a hole in the center of the section and has some pulling attachments. 

Here are the steps to using a dent repair kit to remove dents.

  • The first thing to do is to put or stick the pulling attachment into the middle part of the dented area. 
  • You can apply hot glue to attach the pulling attachment to the dented section securely. 
  • When it is secured, you may now start positioning the bridge over. First, put the screw into the hole, then start pulling the rod and suction cup outward to pop out the dents. 

Benefits of Car Dent Repair

Dents should not be ignored at all costs, even if it is just minor damage. A small mark can result in significant complications in the future. Therefore, fixing the problem while it is still little and manageable is the best decision to avoid further complications. 

Here are five essential benefits of car dent repair that you can refer to. 

  • Affordability – paintless dent repair is much more affordable and cheaper since you will not be spending any dollars on buying paint anymore. Dent repair can be an alternative solution for repairing car dents compared to the restructuring and replacement method. 
  • Preventing Long-term Damage – a dented area on your car door can eventually lead to cracking or peeling. When this happens, even a sleek-through painted look can lead to a peeled and damaged surface. It can also cause rusting shells since the paint has been peeled out, creating openings to the car’s exterior surface. 
  • Maintains and Increases the Car’s Value – repairing your car’s dent will maintain or increase the car’s marketable value. This will significantly benefit you when you want to sell the vehicle in the future. 
  • Avoid Malfunction in the Basic Components of the Car – you may not realize it, but a dent on a car door or hood may result in broken or cracked hinges. That can lead to further damage and high repair costs. Thus, getting the dents repaired soon will prevent the malfunction of some essential car components. 
  • Safety and precaution – car dent repairs will increase safety and protection for the car owner and passengers. It would be best to repair even the slightest and most minor dent at the early stage of occurrence rather than solve the problem when it has been much more complicated and costly. Since dents can cause damage to car components, it is not impossible to meet future complications on the car structure later on.

Does your car door have dents and dings on its surface? Take it for repair at Piedmont Dent Repair. We continuously provide paintless dent repair, hail damage repair, and mobile dent removal for various types of car dents. So what are you waiting for? Call our hotline and schedule a car dent repair appointment. Call us today!