Small dents and dings can damage a vehicle’s appearance. Whether the dents are caused by a grocery cart, a neighboring car’s door, or a baseball tossed by a local youngster, dents must be repaired as soon as possible to help preserve the vehicle’s overall resale value. 

There are numerous ways to repair a noticeable dent in a car, either by hiring a professional or utilizing some basic techniques at home,  provided there is no serious paint damage. At Piedmont Dent Repair, we’re here to assist you in coming up with your best decision.



Choosing the wrong repair firm will not restore your automobile to like-new condition, whether it was damaged in a collision or you discovered a new ding as it sat in the grocery store parking lot.

How do motorists locate the best ding repair service and with the cheapest offer? You may follow these six suggestions, so you can pay for repairs from a reputable auto body shop.

Research your options

  • The first thing you may think of is surfing the internet. Well, there’s no doubt that you can find lots of pretty good options on the internet but be very careful in choosing a reliable company that can give you the quality service you desire, and at the same time is budget-friendly.
  • A very common option the internet can offer you is DIY. Sure, you could buy the cheapest DIY kit you can find, but skimping on tools and supplies would almost certainly result in a poor outcome. 
  • If you want to conduct a true DIY repair and don’t already have professional-grade dent repair products in your garage, you’ll have to spend some money on them. 
  • On the other hand, if you choose expert repair, you won’t have to waste time and money on pricey tools, or garage space on something you might only use a few times in your life.
  • Another tip that you should look into is the paperwork. Will they cooperate with your insurance company? Is it a hassle-free experience with the greatest dent repair shop? They should work with your insurance provider and assist you with the documentation necessary to file a claim for damages caused by a collision.


 Ask for referrals from family and friends

  • Your family and friends are definitely people you trust. That’s why it is wise to ask for referrals from them. They may know a reliable repair shop that they already have experience working with. But still, consider visiting the company yourself so you can set your expectations.
  • When speaking with body shop staff about the dents that need to be repaired, do you feel like a valued customer? Your experience can be made or broken by customer service. Even if they provide the greatest dent repair services in town, avoid hiring a shop that fails to satisfy your customer service expectations.

Check for online reviews

  • Your insurance company may recommend a shop for auto damage repair, but what if your policy doesn’t cover the cost? Check references and reviews before allowing an auto body shop to work on your vehicle.
  • Choose a shop that has outstanding customer reviews and a reputation for providing quick, high-quality repairs without overcharging.

 Get quotes from multiple companies

  • It’s smart to compare repair costs. Different dent sizes can result in a wide variety of anticipated repair costs.
  • If a quote appears excessive, look for other reliable repair companies. A good repair doesn’t have to be expensive, but many low-cost firms aren’t up to the task.
  • We recommend photographing the dent from an angle rather than straight on to properly portray the metal’s deformation. Taking clear, well-lit images can help you get the most precise estimate as quickly as possible.

 Choose the company that is best for you

  • You don’t want to be held accountable for compensation if a worker is hurt while repairing a ding on your automobile. To cover worker injuries, choose a store that has liability insurance.
  • You don’t want just “anyone” working on your car’s dents and dings. Choosing the cheapest choice may indicate that the repair service lacks the necessary licensing or insurance to operate effectively. You should be extra careful then in choosing the company you want.
  • Taking your damaged car to a repair shop is a great deal if your insurance policy covers dent repair at all. If you have accident forgiveness coverage, you may be able to avoid having your premiums raised at all. Paintless dent removal is also available at many repair companies. If your vehicle qualifies for this service, you may be able to save even more money.
  • Is there enough experience at the shop to repair the dent? You don’t want your car to be someone’s first repair experience. Before trusting them to deliver your vehicle to you dent-free and with a quality finish, find out how long the business and technician have been repairing automobile dents.



There are few things more upsetting than being involved in an accident, especially when you’re in a hurry. Fortunately, Piedmont Dent Repair has mastered the art of dent repair and has made it as simple and hassle-free for all of its customers. Here are some reasons why a professional dent service company is the best option to make. 

  • Our firm strives to make every aspect of our customers’ dent repair experience as worthwhile as possible.  
  • Complex dents and creases are best left to the specialists because they are often difficult to remove without professional-level tools, as it is quite simple to further damage the metal or even split the paint.
  • For a dent repair estimate, you can call, text, or fill out a form on our website. We can operate around your schedule using the approach that is most convenient for you, no matter the very little time you have.
  • Give our office a call and describe your damage in detail if you need a quick answer. We can provide an initial quote and schedule a specialist to come out and execute dent repair as soon as possible after you’ve answered all of our staff’s questions.

Dealing with a low-quality dent repair facility can be bothersome, but it doesn’t have to be! Piedmont Dent Repair goes above and above for our clients. Let us work the extra mile for you and your dent repair needs. A promising result is waiting.

We would like you to feel at ease contacting Piedmont Dent Repair for your dent removal requirements, whether you have a minor dent or a major one. We offer a full range of auto body treatments, as well as emergency assistance. Budget-friendly but the quality is our goal! Call us now!